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Pre - Fabricated Structures » Cold Storages

We are the pioneering supplier of panel-based cold storages in India. Our insulated sandwich panels provide superior insulation, are fire-resistant, very lightweight and extremely durable. With hundreds of installations across India, our extensive and growing customer list is proof of our success in the cold storage arena.

Our sandwich-panel based cold storage offers the following advantages:

  • Superior insulation property
  • Fire resistance
  • Quicker construction (and quicker loan payback)
  • Easier to get subsidy
  • More hygienic
  • Faster start-up cooling time

We have implemented cold storages for the following applications:

  • Marine (frozen sea food products)
  • Fruits (apples & other fruits)
  • Fruit pulp
  • Potatoes, tamarind and chillies
  • Pharmaceuticals

If you have a constructed civil structure, we can offer our semi-panel products that offer all the benefits of the panel products for a lower price. Our semi-panels are made with an insulating core, pre-coated galvanized steel sheet on one side and aluminium foil on the other side.

Our sandwich panels are made in factories in Navi Mumbai and Chennai, utilizing imported continuous lamination machinery. We are able to supply anywhere in India and internationally.

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