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Packaging | Igloo
EPS Packaging

Beardsell has been spearheading the innovations in packaging design and development and has successfully developed cost effective EPS packaging. We design the right sized buffer so that your product is adequately protected from shock and vibration. Our factories with state of the art machinery are capable of producing high-quality product in large volumes to meet your delivery schedules. We offer an integrated solution wherein we design and manufacture the mould also.

Anti-Static Packaging

We are the pioneers in India in designing an anti-static packaging solution for our customers. If you have an electronic item, ordinance item, explosive goods or other items that have to be protected from static electricity, our hi-tech anti-static packaging offers a viable solution. The anti-static protection is in addition to thermal, shock and vibration protection.

Composite Packaging

Our composite packaging offers our customers a one-vendor solution to their packaging needs. We can potentially integrate materials/items such as wooden pallets, corrugated board, EPE/EPS and air bubble sheets. With our composite packaging, the customer only needs to take their product and put it into our packaging before dispatching. There is no packaging assembly required at the customer's site.

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