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Electronics and semiconductor clean room facilities require very strict control of particulate count, humidity and temperature. These specialized clean room enclosures are critical to the operation of the semiconductor facility. Clean rooms built with Isobuild panels minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particulate matter. It is possible to maintain the exact temperature, humidity, air flow pattern, fresh air inflow and particulate outflow through various mechanisms including inbuilt risers inside the panels and by maintaining positive pressure inside the enclosure.

We offer a wide range of semiconductor-compatible accessories such as worktables etc.

Our HVAC partners work closely with us to design the appropriate air-filtering and air-conditioning systems to maintain the right levels of humidity and temperature.

Our Isobuild panel system offer the following advantages for clean rooms:

  • They have the structural strength to resist the positive air pressure maintained inside the rooms
  • Return air riser ducts are built into the panels
  • Thermal insulation is maintained
  • Air-tight joints between panels
  • Walkable ceiling panels possible
  • High-quality covings reduce particle deposition by eliminating projections
  • Pass-boxes, view-panels, doors are fit flush with the panels to eliminate dust accumulation
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